Many companies offer fine words. We prefer to set an example. In the way we treat each other, in our day-to-day business. We enjoy being here, and are on first-name terms. We appreciate each other, and our diversity that makes us so strong and successful. We are a modern, globally active family-owned business that has become a standard bearer for the technology in the entire industry thanks to our regional and committed team. We have to admit, that is something we are truly proud of.

Teubert, established in 1963, has some 100 employees at its headquarter in Blumberg. We plan, develop, design and build standard and customized machines for processing particle foams and fiber-reinforced thermoplastics.

Why have many of our employees been with us for so long? Apply and find out!

We train you

There are plenty of opportunities to learn at Teubert.

Everyone has their strengths, and you do, too. Whether technical or commercial, we want to know what you can do. At Teubert, you get an insight into different areas of work – from production to construction and development as well as sales, materials handling or marketing. We know you will like it here.

Teubert Top Arbeitgeber

Please send your detailed application
by email to:

Teubert Maschinenbau GmbH

Mrs. Jutta Föhrenbacher
Waldshuter Straße 15
78176 Blumberg

07702 43 93 141

At Teubert we appreciate each other. That’s why our employees can count on vacation and Christmas allowance on a voluntary basis. We also offer a health bonus. And we support you with an employer contribution to our company pension scheme.

We enjoy spending time together. That includes celebrating – whether at our summer party for the whole family or our Christmas staff party with a tribute to longstanding employees. We also like going on outings and meeting up for bicycle tours, tennis tournaments, skiing trips, or enjoy the end of the day together.

We want to stay healthy together. That's why we cooperate with various partners in occupational health management, organize health days, and offer fitness courses and ergonomics consultations in-house. And: There is a cooperation with JobRad for bicycles and e-bikes at attractive conditions.

At Teubert, we offer flexible working hours and part-time contracts with the option of working from home. Of course, that includes 30 days’ leave as well as special leave for certain events.

We know how important family is. That’s why we promote a work-life balance as part of our day-to-day business.

We want to stay better together. That’s why our employees take part in training courses, both in-house and outside the company. Also for their personal development and taking on new, more advanced tasks.