Lost Foam

Gruppe 312

Teubert Molding Equipment Lost Foam (TVZ LF)

The machine for the production of parts in the automotive sector with the highest product quality!

  • Operator- and service-friendly thanks to low rider version
  • Up to three separately controllable and freely programmable control loops, e.g. for filling, steaming, cooling
  • Large machine opening widths can be realized

The special advantages:

  • Table style machine with media transfer systems
  • Monoblock molds can be installed (also with large and heavy core pulls)
  • Integration of separate media circuits for monoblocks possible
  • Linear guiding system and symmetrical locking of the machines guarantee highly precise production of Lost Foam parts with highest accuracy and reproducibility in product quality
  • Light dimension steam chest: 1 time 1400 mm x 950 mm, 2 times 680 mm x 950 mm or 3 times 455 mm x 950 mm
Gruppe 313

Teubert foaming machine Lost Foam (TSA LF)

The ideal machine for the production of Lost Foam components

  • Operator- and service-friendly
  • Can be used optionally with steam chests or optionally with single controlled media circuits for monoblock molds
  • Linear guiding system and symmetrical high pressure closing
  • Fast integration of additional systems, such as linear handling equipment or robots, thanks to the open machine concept
  • Light dimension steam chamber from sizes 700 mm x 1000 mm to 1080 mm x 750 mm
Gruppe 314

Teubert Vertical Press Lost Foam (TVP LF)

The specialist for Lost Foam parts with manually placed insert cores

  • Compact design, low space requirement
  • Table press with media transfer systems and tilting function for process reliability
  • Steam chest systems specially designed for Lost Foam products with horizontal separation
  • Manual insertion and take-out possible without any risks
  • Clear dimension steam chest: 900 mm x 900 mm
Gruppe 315

Teubert pressure pre-expander (TDV)

Teubert's own development for EPS and copolymers

Because Lost Foam applications and laboratory applications often need to be fast and accurate throughout the process.

The special advantages:

  • Quick cleaning thanks to easy-to-open pre-expansion vessel
  • Easy replaceable stirring unit
  • Injection of air or steam through the stirring unit
  • Integrated weighing device
  • Raw material conveying system
  • Fluidized drying bed
  • Digital steam control for precise regulation of the steam pressure
  • Temperature monitoring of the pre-expansion vessel
  • Steam inlet and outlet via removable slotted plates
  • Finished density control
  • TDV 100 LF: EPS output approx. 60-80 kg/h at 20 g/l
  • TDV 300 LF: EPS output approx. 200-230 kg/h at 20 g/l


Up to 50 % less energy consumption:
Teubert Energy Efficiency Package

  • Steam pre-pressure control
  • Direct Steaming
  • Upper and lower steaming
  • Thermal decoupling of steam chest and machine table
  • Insulation of machine components
  • Low power consumption due to frequency-controlled hydraulics
  • Energy saving steam chests

Considered the best on the market:
Teubert Filling Systems

  • Filling silo sizes from 10- 450 l
  • 1- 20 Injector connections
  • Flap bottom
  • Automatic mixing with an accuracy of +/- 3%.
  • Electronically adjustable pressure maintenance

From our own company:
Teubert Software

  • Teubert software adaptable to customer needs
  • FTP -/Cloud connection for live data transfer to customer BDE and/or process monitoring app
  • Live data acquisition and individually adjustable tolerance field monitoring
  • Production reliability through presence monitoring of all process-relevant components