A new technology for manufacturing lightweight and multifunctional products and improving the CO₂ footprint.

You have well-known materials - and want to process them in a completely different way and also more economically? You want to experiment with new materials - and expect reliable results? You want to replace many production steps - with a single or fewer production steps? You finally want to use recycled material - without any loss of quality?

It can’t be done! Have you heard that once too often? - Then ATECARMA® is the solution!

What is ATECARMA®?

A bonding technology that allows you to pre-treat the selected materials and granules for a reliable bond using our patented ATECARMA® activator.

The bonding itself is done by a tempering step. The molds we use for processing can be simpler with much thinner walls than you maybe are accustomed to.

At the same time, you can save on energy – and the energy used is exclusively from primary sources. 

With ATECARMA® you can save steps and significantly improve your energy use and CO₂ footprint.

ATECARMA®. We create new materials. We capture the market with hybrid components. Because we can connect.

It can’t be done! Have you heard that once too often? That's why ATECARMA® technology. Connecting what was previously impossible. It is possible!