Special machines for EPP and EPS applications

  • Round block molds
  • Oversize machines, e.g. for surf board cores
  • Machines for skin molding of films and textile fabric
  • Machines for in-mold skinning
  • Machines for continuous molding
  • Machines for endless products


In addition to machines, we also offer the following auxiliaries for EPP and EPS applications:

  • Automation (robots, linear handling systems, …)
  • Central vacuum systems
  • Conveyor belts and conveying systems
  • Ejection systems
  • External mobile filling units
  • Handling robots
  • Handling systems
  • Impregnation systems for EPP raw material
  • Injectors
  • Management software
  • Material storage systems
  • Mold change support systems
  • Molds
  • Pre-expanders
  • Process engineering
  • Recycling equipment
  • Quick mold change systems
  • Take-out and stacking systems




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