Why our service is praised

as one of the best?

Well, to be honest ...

Most people only talk about service when problems arise. We prefer to talk about it now. Because you want to be sure, from the very start, to delivery and beyond. That’s why we think ahead – and have come up with an unprecedented solution for you:

We react promptly as a matter of principle. Now we can save even more travel time and help you even more quickly in commissioning and training staff, as well as with after-sales. That’s because we can now support you virtually. With mobile devices used by your employees at the machine, we can see via live transmission or augmented reality exactly what they are working on and how we can help. That’s unique. It not only saves you travel expenses, but also guarantees fast reaction times – wherever you are in the world. That’s what we call true sustainability.

service technology

What our customers say

"We have enjoyed a deep and trusting partnership with the Teubert company since the very beginning of our particle foam activities at the beginning of the 1960s, both in business and personal terms.

The indispensable basis for this is innovative strength, technical and commercial competence, and the willingness to implement jointly developed ideas from operational practice in a functional and reliable manner.

Our business relationship - now since 3 generations - is characterized by fair dealings with each other at all times and an entrepreneurial strategy geared towards sustainability.

We wish the entire Teubert team continued success."


"The partnership between ILTAR-ITALBOX and TEUBERT has been very deep and close, from when Joachim Teubert led the company to Wolfgang leadership, and now it still going on with Tamara.

We started to work with Teubert in the 80's when they supported us in the creation of the EPE and then EPP molding department.

We always keep trusting in the ability of the Teubert people to create, improve and look forward in the particle foam molding!"

Patrizia Paglia (CEO), Iltar-Italbox Industry Riunite Spa

Why are so many of our customers regulars?

Because we share the same values. But that’s not the only reason ...

For us, fine-sounding words are not enough. We prefer to deliver results – and practice what we preach. We are reliable and trustworthy. We keep spare parts available for years. Our customer care team comprising our own service technicians are in action around the world. We don’t outsource our service because we want to be there for you whenever you need our support. After all, who knows better than us what our solutions can do and how you can use them to maximum effect. We will always find a solution. And that’s a promise!

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Our exclusive Teubert software

If it’s not available on the market, then we develop it ourselves. That’s how our Teubert Software VisConATS came about in collaboration with Andreas Teubert from ATS-Systeme. With all the benefits you need for your business:

  • Live data acquisition and individually adjustable tolerance field monitoring with Easy Check for guaranteed quality
  • Production reliability thanks to RFID sensors that monitor the presence of all process-relevant components
  • OPC UA/FTP/Cloud connection for live data transfer to customers’ PDA and/or process monitoring app
  • Recording of all production parameters/messages/alarms over 60 days
  • Free programming of individual process steps and functions (filling, steaming, cooling, take-out) as well as process values
  • Support/service/remote maintenance/troubleshooting also possible online

For over 30 years, ATS-Systeme has been our software partner, part of the family, and a supplier of customized machine software for every Teubert machine. With outstanding expertise in the areas of automation technology, innovative control technology, intelligent process monitoring and customer-specific programming. All in-house, of course, in keeping with our motto. Because it is worth it.


Teubert Connect & Control

The all-in-one remote and IIoT solution for your entire machine park

With remote access, appreciated in mechanical engineering. And certainly also by you. Because with it you have the all-in-one remote and IIoT solution for your entire machinery. For digitalization of process values and machine characteristics, status updates, also up-to-date on mobile devices, analyses and predictive maintenance via cloud and more efficiency thanks to a faster overview and remote maintenance.

Why customers should also know our suppliers

Many people talk about partnership. We prefer to live it. With many clients who have become loyal regular customers over the years. And with selected suppliers who are as demanding as we are.

Why is that so important to us? Because we know how invaluable value-adding partnerships are. We believe that is only possible with innovative, productive and reliable suppliers. Perseverance, the aspiration to maintain and improve quality, pursuing new technologies and innovative ideas, with an eye on the costs and common sense – that is what we have in common. And that is also what guarantees our joint success. Whether in construction, purchasing, quality assurance, production or development.

Because that’s the only way we can pursue our ultimate shared goal of ensuring that our projects go into production on time and error-free while fulfilling all qualitative and economic demands.

Why customers know and appreciate us

Calling customers partners - that's what many people do. We prefer to live partnership: an honest, intensive and appreciative cooperation. This has resulted in many long-standing customer relationships. In this way, our customers are part of our success. That makes us very grateful. And: It makes us even better every day. Because in our cooperation, we always come up with solutions that are that crucial step better - and thus give our customers that decisive edge. This is the challenge that we love every day. And so do our customers.



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