Composites, FRP (Fiber-reinforced plastics)

The material with maximum flexibility for organic sheets, which need be lightweight and simultaneously need to have high stiffness and stability.

Fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP) consist of a matrix and a fiber part. The matrix is a thermoplastic either as rough material (polymer, granulate or powder) or as semi-finished product (foil, polymer fiber, etc.). The needed fiber is either glass or carbon as rough material, strand, twine, or roving as rough material or as semi-finished product, or a semi-finished fiber like mat, fleece, tissue, scrim, etc.

2 + 2 = 5! Composites perform together better than the single raw material. Only through the connection between the thermoplastics matrix and the textile, a very strong and stiff material can be produced which is simultaneously lightweight and has a low density.

Advantages of the material:

  • very lightweight construction potential through excellent weight-related stiffness and stability
  • FRP Composites have many desired physical properties
  • tailor-made materials can be realized
  • great creative freedom and flexibility within the product




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