Teubert Winter Sports Trip

A day filled with adventure and fun in the snowy mountains of Damüls/Mellau! 🏂⛷️

We set out with some colleagues to conquer the slopes. 🌨️ Despite the weather not entirely being on our side, we were able to fully enjoy the empty slopes and experience plenty of action. 💨🏔️

Of course, a cozy stop at a hut couldn't be missed, where we fueled up with a delicious lunch. And who can resist a sweet temptation like Dampfnudeln to finish it off? 😋

Despite the weather, it was an unforgettable day filled with laughter, adventure, and great memories with amazing colleagues! ❄️🥾

#teubertinside #SkiFun #WinterAdventure #TeamBonding


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