Our machine concept in line with the motto "Smart Efficiency"

May we introduce? A new efficient overall machine concept completely in line with the motto "Smart Efficiency". We have developed a new plant concept especially to support our customers and partners in their requests for high volume series production. Particularly in times of rising energy costs, this is designed in such a way that the control system interacts with the mold and valve technology to ensure optimized energy consumption during production. Which saves our customers and partners cash, especially for high-volume products where there are nearly no mold changes. The special advantages at a summed up:

- Modular design with easy expansion options depending on the required output / required quantities.

- Energy consumption optimized production through the use of highly efficient monoblock molds. Compared to other mold concepts, it is possible to reduce steam consumption to a minimum.

- Optimized piping design in the plant with short distances. Thus lower energy loss and more cost effective. 

- Integrated 100% part inspection by optical or mechanical equipment possible.

- Stacking and handling options for downstream operations possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team for further details.

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