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Teubert Connect & Control for CCM systems

Would you like to improve the quality and efficiency of your manufacturing processes?

With 'Teubert Connect & Control,' this is now achievable! Our sophisticated, cloud-based solution offers real-time monitoring, data analysis, and automated notifications for optimal production of fiber-reinforced plastic components on our CCM systems. With integrated calculation bases and process-relevant PLC data, we guarantee constant quality and efficiency. This allows you to optimize your production processes in no time.

Feel free to contact our sales team for more information! 💼✨

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Teubert automation concepts

Over the next few weeks, we want to give you an insight into the fascinating world of automated particle foam molding.

In a current project, we are realising a 100% complete solution for the efficient production of EPP parts.

We will start with our star: the ABB 6-axis robot with a load capacity of 550 kg and a total weight of almost 4.5 to.

The challenge: placing different inserts precisely in the mold and then preparing and handling the finished molded parts for further downstream process steps.

With the help of the individually adaptable gripper and the effective range of approx. 4.5 metres, the robot is not only a master at inserting inserts into our machine, but can also remove the finished EPP components with ease.

The big advantage: once programmed by our experts, the robot carries out its tasks to the tenth of a millimetre without losing precision.

The additional benefits for the customer summarised:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Cost savings
  • Flexibility
  • Improved safety

Stay tuned for more insights into the world of automated particle foam molding and the technologies that power them!

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Connect & Control Security

🚀 News from the World of Industry 4.0! 🏭📊

Have you heard about our Teubert Connect & Control? 🌐🔌

With this innovative system, you can now take control of your machine data to the next level. 📈 Individual dashboards allow you to track and analyze crucial machine data and metrics in real-time. 📊🔍 Never miss a pivotal moment as you keep an eye on your equipment's performance and condition. 💡 But that's not all! With the automatic reporting and notify function, you're always informed, no matter where you are. 📢📋 Receive push notifications about your machine status and react immediately to ensure smooth operations. ⏱️💬

🔒 Security is our top priority! That's why we'd like to introduce you to our Security Paper. Here, you'll find everything about the sophisticated security mechanisms of the system, the robust server structures, and our partnership with a pioneer in cloud security solutions. Your data remains yours at all times! 🛡️🤝

Ready to transform your industrial future? Get in touch with us to learn more about Teubert Connect & Control. 💬 Together, we're opening up new horizons of efficiency and security!

Ask your contact person for the Security Paper to get detailed information on the topic.

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Expansion of our machinery

Exciting news!

We're thrilled to announce that our company is rapidly expanding, and we've just added an impressive 5-axis machining center from Hermle to our state-of-the-art machine park. ? With this powerful machine, we now have the ability to manufacture our components for you in even less time and with fewer setups, all while maintaining the exceptional Teubert quality you know and trust. ?? This investment is a meaningful step toward securing our future, and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you.

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Narri Narro!

Finally the 5th season with the traditional carnival starts!

Also at Teubert it becomes colorful and the employees were dressed up in great costumes. As every year, the Zollhaus Fanfarenzug visited us and released the employees from their work.

Teubert wishes everyone a blissful carnival and sends carnival greetings!

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Welcome to our team

In the last six months, a lot has happened and so we can welcome 10 new colleagues in our team!Haiko, Rainer and Thimo support our production.Also our assembly team has been enlarged with Jens and Jörg in the pre-assembly and Eliazar in the electrical.With Andreas, our mechanical construction has gained new members.Welcome also to our new service mechanic Patrick. Veronika we may welcome in our purchasing department.And then we may also introduce our trainee Selina, who is doing her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk with us since last fall. Nice to have you here!

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Sustainability with ATECARMA®

Imagine being able to make new products with left-over material, such as wood chips or cork granules? Or to use recycled EPP without having to waste valuable resources?

With ATECARMA® you can increase the share of recycled material in your products. Another advantage for more sustainability is that your manufacturing process causes far less CO₂ and contributes much less to Global Warming Potential (GWP).

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re:EPP - Recycling EPP

Sustainably feed EPP waste material into the material cycle.

Recycling EPP? This is ecologically and economically difficult. So far, there are only a few practicable technical solutions for sensibly returning EPP scrap to the material cycle as a raw material.

And: Basic characteristics of EPP components, such as strength or insulating, must not be impaired by the recycling process compared to new material.

Therefore, a process must be developed with which EPP scrap can be recycled in such a way that the recyclate has no negative influence on the manufacturing process.

We are working together with our partners Paul Müller and Kunststoff Institut Lüdenscheid to develop a sustainable process ready for series production that enables the use of 100% shredded EPP waste material.

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